What Leonor and Sofia may wear this year at Easter Mass

Since this girls always wear Nanos, here we have some probable options they might choose.




Leonor and Sofia in Murcia military parade

This was the first official event Leonor and Sofia attended, aside from when they met the Spanish football team. It was a military parade in Murcia and they went ahead of the abdication announcement in 2014.


Let’s get into their fashion choices. Leonor’s entire outfit is from Nanos. Her top is 99,90 euros, her skirt is 94,90 and her blazer is from the same store. Her shoes are from Mango kids.


Sofia’s dress is from Nanos too and is worth 109,90 euros, her headpiece is from the same store and is worth 49,90. The sweater I’m not sure where it is from but I think is the same Letizia was carrying during their outing in Soller on Mallorca in 2012.

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Leonor and Sofia Dia Nacional 2015

Every October 12, in Spain is celebrated National Day. The Royal Family attends a military parade to celebrate it. Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia started going when their father became King in 2014. Today we will review what they wore on 2015.


Princess Leonor’s dress is from the spanish brand Nanos (this brand is what they usually wear on public events). The dress is worth 159,90 euros. Her sweater is nowhere to be found but I’m sure is Mango because I saw it once on the store. Her shoes are classic Eli ballerinas model 9275.



Sofia’s dress is Nanos too as well as her jacket. The dress is worth 149,90 and the jacket is 94,90 euros from the same store.


Princess Letizia 40th birthday

When Princess Letizia turned forty, the palace published several pictures taken at the official residence near the Zarzuela Palace by Cristina Garcia Rodero. In the pictures we were able to see Leonor and Sofia playing with their parents Letizia and Felipe.

It was a good opportunity for us since the Spanish Royal Family is not used to publishing official photos of the children, not even on their birthdays. So we don’t get to see them very often. For this occasion, the girls wore nanos clothing, as usual.


I couldn’t find the white dresses they have, but the rest, here it is.

Sofia’s shoes are from Nanos moda, they were previously worn by Leonor in a photocall. Sofia’s dress is also from Nanos, and coincidentally had also been worn by Leonor in Mallorca a bit ago.

On Leonor’s side, her dress is from Nanos and her shoes are from Eli Sandals, although Nanos has some pretty similar ones so I’m not sure which one it is. This Sandals Leonor wore them when meeting the Spanish football team, La Roja.